Choosing the Right Size Harness for Your Doggo

Choosing the Right Size Harness for Your Doggo

Ordering online can be a difficult process when you don’t get the same experience and capability of trying something on on-the-spot. We at Joyride Harness want to make your shopping process as breezy as possible, so let’s walk you through how our harness sizing works!

If you’re new to harnesses, be sure to check out the benefits of choosing a harness rather than a dog collar here.

What You Will Need:

  • Scale to weigh your doggo
  • Measuring tape to measure your doggo’s girth

There are two ways of determining which size harness to order from our website. You can either go by girth measurement or by weight! We recommend looking into both girth and weight for better accuracy in selecting a size.

Weighing Your Doggo

If you don’t have a weight readily available, go ahead and pull out a scale. If your doggo doesn’t fit on the scale, an alternative solution is to step on the scale while holding them. Deduct your own weight from the total weight that appears on the scale.

Measuring Your Doggo

Using a soft measuring tape…

  1. Place the end of the measuring tape between the dog’s shoulder blades
  2. Wrap the measuring tape around the largest portion of the dog’s chest
  3. Read the girth measurement and match to the sizing chart below

If you don’t have a measuring tape on hand, here’s what you can do…

  1. Take your dog’s leash and carry out the steps above
  2. Use a piece of tape to make necessary marks
  3. Measure the leash using a regular ruler or mobile device ruler

Choosing a Style

Let it come to you. Maybe give your doggo a few treats and their personality will speak to you from there! Or you could simply check out what colors dominate your wardrobe. There’s that easy route too. You could twin it!

Whatever you do, make sure you hashtag #JoyrideHarness and tag us when your doggo is wearing their new harness!

joyride size chart
joyride size chart by weight
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My dog fluctuates in weight from 8.8 lbs. to 9.3 lbs. She is a havanese with a pretty thick coat of hair. Should i order the small.


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