7 Puppy Potty Training Tips For Dog Owners

7 Puppy Potty Training Tips For Dog Owners

Congratulations! You're adopting (or are considering adopting) a puppy. Pups, however, don't automatically know how to do their potty time and they'll need your positive reinforcement and support!

In this blog post, we share with you some of the most popular and efficient puppy potty training tips for your new puppy or young puppy.

1. Make sure you have walking gear.

Taking your puppy outdoors on a routine can help your pup's behavior shift and develop the good habit of reserving potty time for outdoors. Having the right walking gear is one of the most important first steps to ensure their safety and security in and out of the house. Gear up with a harness and leash!

2. Pick up potty training pads.

Adding potty training pads to your shopping list is a good idea when it comes to house training your fur baby. It helps with smaller breeds that may take more frequent trips to the bathroom and it can help your new pet get on the right track with their bladder behavior in their new home.

3. Never leave potty training pads in kennels and dog crates with puppies.

This might seem like a good idea to give them immediate access to a potty pad if they're kennel- or crate-training, but for puppies, this can be a hazard and it's teaching your pup to go to the bathroom in their cozy space. Limit your reliance on potty training pads and be mindful about where you place your dog's potty pads.

4. Use gates while training.

Set up gates around your home to create boundaries while your dog learns how to navigate their new home. You can use baby gates to keep your dog in the living room area instead of roaming the house unsupervised. Over time, as your puppy learns and grows into an adult dog - or maybe sooner when exhibiting good behavior - you can cut down on the use of the gates.

5. Keep your dog's crate where the family is most.

Puppy or adult dog, your fur baby wants to be where the love is. Being left in a crate unsupervised and out of sight for long periods of time may make them feel isolated, anxious, etc. Eliminating sources of anxiety can help the house-training process.

6. Pick a spot and create a bathroom routine.

You need to teach your pup where their potty spot is. Pick a spot outdoors and away from traffic to take your new fur baby for potty breaks. Your fur baby will adapt to the repetition and schedule.

7. Reward your fur baby with treats.

Training treats are always handy to have. Whenever your puppy uses the potty training pad or finishes up a successful bathroom visit in the great outdoors, reward them! The positive reinforcement will encourage them to continue their behavior.

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