5 Tips For Helping Your Dog Cope With Changes

5 Tips For Helping Your Dog Cope With Changes

Life throws curveballs and not the kind that your dog wants to play catch with. Sudden changes to your dog’s environment or routine might cause them stress or anxiety, and it’s up to you as a dog parent to help them adjust and cope along the way. 

It could be any change really. 

Your family may be welcoming a baby to the family, your household might have more guests than usual, your work schedule changed, etc. These changes impact your dog indirectly. What can you do to support your dog during these times?

1. Take things slowly. 

When you get a new goldfish from the store, you don’t just pour them into the fish tank straight from the bag. You let the bag sit and float in the water until the temperature matches the fish tank water and your goldfish is acclimated. 

When it comes to changes, you need to treat your dog the same way. Take things slowly. Don’t rush things. For example, if you’re moving into a new home, your dog might find a spot they’re seeking refuge in. Don’t force them to leave it. Instead, help them get comfortable. They’ll come out to the living room when they’re ready! That leads us to our next tip.

2. Set up a safe, comfortable space for your dog.

What do you consider the comforts of your dog? Your answer might include their favorite dog toy, their kennel, their favorite blanket and bed, and more. Curate their favorite things and set up a safe, comfortable space for your dog; a place they know they can relax. 

3. Consider giving your dog supplements to help them relax.

The overwhelming feelings that your dog may experience with changes might be too much for them to handle. There are many supplements and CBD products on the market that are geared towards soothing and relaxing your dog, alleviating their anxiety. 

If it all comes down to it, you can seek help from your trusted local veterinarian for prescription medications to help cope through the process.

4. Maintain as much consistency as you can.

This will take more time if the change your dog is experiencing is due to your own schedule changing, but keeping routine is important for your dog. If your dog is used to going for a walk with you when you wake up, skipping that walk the next morning might cause them a bit of stress and anxiety. Keep to a routine as best as you can. 

5. Let your dog stay with friends and family.

In the case of moving homes, your dog might get stressed from all the moving of boxes and furniture as you get settled in your new place. Or maybe you’re hosting a work party at your home and most of the guests are strangers to your dog. In these cases that are temporary, your dog may be more comfortable with people they’re familiar with until things blow over

Make sure the doggy bag is packed with their favorite toys, treats, and other comforts.

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