10 Reasons Why We Love Knight the Pitbull

10 Reasons Why We Love Knight the Pitbull

How have we not overloaded ourselves with the internet? Really, there’s so much cute content online right now from cats to wholesome videos, cute dogs, and even Baby Yoda as of late! Thank goodness we aren’t forced to pick and choose what we tune into exclusively or anything because that would be ruff to handle. 

We continue our 10 Reasons Why We Love series with a lovable Pitbull who is living his best life in Las Vegas, Nevada with Pitbull Aston and their humans! Well, technically this is a 10 Reasons Why for both Knight and Aston because let’s be real here...we’re not leaving out adorable doggos!

10 Reasons Why We Love Knight & Aston the Pitbulls

#10 - They know how to rock holiday fashion.

Double the holiday spirit!



#9 - You just wanna boop the snoots!



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Moms got puppuccinos 🤤

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#8 - They’re Starbucks fiends!

Yummy puppuccinos!



#7 - They’re excited for everything.

Also digging the twinning power!



#6 - They always like to smooch.

They love love.



#5 - They’re photogenic beyond belief.

This candid photo is amazing.



#4 - Cute since day 1!

Look at that face.



#3 - A smile that can turn your frown upside down.

Instant mood changer!


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Double tap if u lub my smile 😊❤️

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#2 - They play the most fun games!

Whack A Mole - Hot Dog Edition haha!



#1 - Their walkies are fun walkies!

Check out Knight and Aston in their Joyride Harnesses! 


We firmly believe everyone’s day could shine a little brighter when dedicating a certain amount of time - duration of your choosing - to watching dog videos each day. Knight and Aston share something special and we’re so happy to be a part of it!

If you’re not following already, you can follow these lovable doggos and their humans on Instagram: CLICK HERE

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