4 Reasons Working Dog Parents are Switching to The Internet's
Favorite Dog Harness

1. Easiest to take on and off - save time & get ready in a hurry
2. Side ring technology makes no pull walks easy
3. Durable and made to last for YEARS and years.
4. Over 40+ Stylish colors and patterns


improved their
dog walks


dog appears
more comfortable


improved control and
reduced pulling


very much or somewhat
easy to use

"Easiest Harness I've Ever Used."


4.8/5 by 43,891 Happy Dog Parents

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Is This For You?

If you check any of these boxes, Joyride Harness is for you:

You want more control and less pulling on walks.

You're looking for something that's quick and easy to put on.

You need a solution for a dog that pulls or chokes on traditional collars.

Your dog's comfort and safety on walks is a priority to you.

Joyride Harness vs Other Brands

Joyride Harness


Other Brands

  • Veteranian approved
    Some are vet approved, most are not
  • Goes on/off in two seconds flat
    Taking on/off is a hassle
  • Secure straps for entire walk
    Straps loosen during walk
  • 2 adjustable straps for perfect fit
    Most harnesses only have 1 adjustable strap
  • Sturdy & heavy duty - Built to Last
    Most are cheap/low quality
  • Will not irritate dog’s sensitive armpits
    Bottom straps digs into armpit
  • Side ring that discourages pulling
    Very few, if any, have a side ring


Is the Joyride Harness veterinarian approved?

Yes! For more details, read this post and watch this video by Dr. Lisa Lippman who highly recommends the Joyride Harness.

My dog doesn’t pull… is this still a good harness?

Of course! Our harness isn’t just made to alleviate or eliminate pulling, but it’s a solution for dog owners that have a hard time getting other harnesses on their dog. It’s easy on and easy off! That, and it’s super comfortable for dogs to wear. Collars and other tight harnesses risk damage to the body like the trachea. If your dog isn’t a puller, we recommend using the main D-ring on the back-center of the harness.

Will this work for a BIG dog?

Joyride Harness is designed to work for all breeds between around 7lb all the way up to 140lb !

How long will this last?

We have customers writing in about how the harness they bought over 6 years ago is still going strong - you won't find quality like this anywhere else!

Do you offer quantity discounts?

You bet your sweet pug we do! We offer quantity discounts on orders of 6 or more harnesses. Ordering 6 or more? Reach out to us to get a custom coupon code.

Don’t harnesses make dogs pull MORE?

That depends on the make of the harness. Our harnesses on the other hand were designed to be a training tool to alleviate and eliminate the amount of pulling dogs dish out on walks. The side ring technology is what makes this work in addition to the distribution and structure of the fabric.

Has this harness been tested and approved by experienced dog trainers?

Most definitely! You’ll even find videos of them talking about their Joyride Harness experience on our website.

Where are you located and based out of?

HQ is based out of Los Angeles, California!

My dog is a houdini and escapes from everything. Will this work and keep them from escaping?

Every Houdini finds their end and the escapes stop here! These are great for dogs that tend to get out of their harness. You see, dogs are able to escape harnesses due to lack of adjustability for the perfect fit. Even a slight discrepancy in how the harness fits may allow your furbaby to find a way to get out of it. We recommend a slightly snug fit (but not too tight) and your dog won’t be able to back out or escape from it! Need a little assistance in using the harness? Check out this review and this page describing how the harnesses work.

Can I use these harnesses for my cat?

Can I use these harnesses for my cat? We are pro-cat and have customers who have used our harnesses for their cats with no issues, but we do want to remind you…cats are similar to being made of 'liquid' so there’s risk with any harness unless it’s the perfect fit. Keep that in mind while you shop!

Do I still use this harness once my dog stops pulling?

Of course! Once the harness has trained your dog to walk beside you, you can start using the main D-ring on the back-center of the harness. You can use the side ring for accessories or leave it be! Up to you.

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