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	{"id":383892979814,"title":"7 Things You Can Do With Your Dog During Quarantine","created_at":"2020-03-31T14:42:53-07:00","body_html":"\u003cp\u003e\u003cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003eThis lockdown is truly unprecedented. With the presence of the coronavirus (COVID-19) causing numerous states to take measures to quarantine, there are many of us - many of you - who might be trying to navigate through the “cabin fever” that comes with it. Feel grateful, friends, because you have your fur babies to go through this with. There are many others who aren’t blessed to have their fur babies (any fur babies) during their quarantine, but even you might be running low on steam on how to go about activities for the day.\u003c\/span\u003e\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e\u003cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003eWe’ve compiled a list of 7 things you can do with your dog during quarantine! Read on and you and your dog may find great use out of this list to bide time as we flatten the curve as a nation, and internationally!\u003c\/span\u003e\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cbr\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e\u003cstrong\u003e#1 | Go on walks within reason.\u003c\/strong\u003e\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e\u003cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003eIt’s no secret that your dog needs to be walked, but there’s the rule of needing to keep at least 6 feet from other persons during your outings. Try to stay near your home and burn off energy with your dog without contact with other individuals. If you go on walks, you can steer clear of other persons, but you truly need to be attentive to the presence of other people while you’re out and about.\u003c\/span\u003e\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp style=\"text-align: center;\"\u003e\u003cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003e\u003cimg src=\"\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/2609\/7926\/files\/jrh_-_covid_2_large.png?v=1585690921\" alt=\"\"\u003e\u003c\/span\u003e\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cbr\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e\u003cstrong\u003e#2 | Play hide and seek.\u003c\/strong\u003e\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e\u003cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003eYour fur baby is all about \u003c\/span\u003e\u003ci\u003e\u003cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003eyou\u003c\/span\u003e\u003c\/i\u003e\u003cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003e. Take the time to bond with your dog through a game of hide and seek whether it’s in your backyard or in your home. Your fur baby is invested in \u003c\/span\u003e\u003ci\u003e\u003cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003eyou\u003c\/span\u003e\u003c\/i\u003e\u003cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003e, and this can be a healthy alternative to walking as you practice social-distancing. Through a game of hide and seek, you can keep your dog alert and physically engaged.\u003c\/span\u003e\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e\u003cstrong\u003e#3 | Shower them with love.\u003c\/strong\u003e\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e\u003cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003eDogs are social animals. There’s no doubt about that! While you snuggle up on your couch to binge-watch a show on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc., let your dog cuddle up with you. They’ll surely enjoy it!\u003c\/span\u003e\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e\u003cstrong\u003e#4 | Stock up on toys.\u003c\/strong\u003e\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e\u003cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003eYour fur baby has a lot of energy that needs to be burned off. Gather up a bunch of toys and play fetch to keep their energy burned as suited to their needs. Healthy activity after all is a healthy doggo indeed!\u003c\/span\u003e\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e\u003cstrong\u003e#5 | Try creating Tiktok videos.\u003c\/strong\u003e\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e\u003cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003eDogs are internet sensations. Use this free time to get creative and download the Tiktok app to create hilarious and creative videos with your dog. Who knows? Your dog might be the next viral pet to take the internet by storm!\u003c\/span\u003e\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e\u003cstrong\u003e#6 | Plan photoshoots with your dog.\u003c\/strong\u003e\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e\u003cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003eContinuing on with the creative bone, create scenarios with your dog to photograph and share with your friends and family online. We all could use a little humor and joy during this uncertain period of time. Fur babies are surely bound to put a smile on other’s faces!\u003c\/span\u003e\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e\u003cstrong\u003e#7 | Try training with treats.\u003c\/strong\u003e\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e\u003cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003eEyeing a certain trick? Look into treat-specific training to encourage your dog to sit, shake, etc. This is a great bonding experience and can further connect you with your fur baby through communication skills that were not there before!\u003c\/span\u003e\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp style=\"text-align: center;\"\u003e\u003cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003e\u003cimg src=\"\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/2609\/7926\/files\/jrh_-_covid_3_large.png?v=1585690959\" alt=\"\"\u003e\u003c\/span\u003e\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cbr\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e\u003cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003eThis is just a sampling of tips and informational posts we offer at Joyride Harness. You can find more content including tips and tricks and how-tos for caring for your dog on our blog at \u003c\/span\u003e\u003ca href=\"https:\/\/\/blogs\/news\/tagged\/tips-tricks\"\u003e\u003cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003ethis section\u003c\/span\u003e\u003c\/a\u003e\u003cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003e. Feel free to leave a comment with tips you’re looking for!\u003c\/span\u003e\u003c\/p\u003e","blog_id":4049305640,"author":"Molly Petruzzi","user_id":39293157478,"published_at":"2020-03-30T00:00:00-07:00","updated_at":"2020-03-31T14:42:53-07:00","summary_html":"","template_suffix":null,"handle":"7-things-you-can-do-with-your-dog-during-quarantine","tags":"Tips \u0026 Tricks","image":{"created_at":"2020-03-31T14:42:53-07:00","alt":"","width":1006,"height":666,"src":"https:\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/2609\/7926\/articles\/jrh_-_covid_1.png?v=1585690973"}}
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